Katherine is a wedding & portrait photographer based in the Southern Maine region. She picked up her first camera in high school and started fine tuning her work a little over five years ago. One of her passions is establishing a strong relationship with her clients. She has a deep love for capturing people in their most natural and beautiful form. She strives to create a connection with her clients that goes beyond the camera. Every wedding tells a story; contact Katherine if you think she's the right match to tell yours!

Crane Estate Photographer – Ipswich Wedding

Crane Estate Photographer – Ipswich Wedding

Sarina and Philip had their stunning wedding at The Crane Estate on Castle Hill in Ipswich, Massachusetts this past July. I had always dreamed of shooting here as a Crane Estate Photographer. When I got the chance to work Sue of Sue K Photography, I was so beyond excited! The whole day was nothing short of breathtaking.

We had the most elegant bride and groom with lovely family and friends. All the touches they put towards their big day were classic and timeless. Take a look at those soft, pastel florals. At a little over 100 degrees, it was one of the hottest days of the year. I went through 6 bottles of water and 2 gatorades! It was all worth it for this beautiful Crane Estate Wedding.

Some of the little things I noticed about this wedding that pulled on my heart strings:
– Sarina’s dress mirrored the texture of the old architecture Crane Estate embodies.
– Sarina and Philip had such a gentle and loving relationship. When they looked at each other you could tell they had a deep connection.
– Even despite the intense weather, all the couples family and friends were so joyful and emotional for them on their best day.

Sarina and Philip’s wedding reminded me of the classic Tupper Manor wedding I had the privilege of shooting in 2015. Seen here – Tupper Manor Wedding. I love the effortless beauty that come with these venue. The old charm of these estates make my heart swoon for more.

I was so honored to be second photographer for Sue Kowalski on this romantic wedding day. My style of shooting over the past year has been really fine tuned, and I feel this classic elegance starts to describe it. I’m so excited to shoot more as a Crane Estate Photographer!

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The moment that Sarina’s father opened that door with her in arm everyone was emotional. Such a beautiful portrayal of a father and daughter relationship. 2016-08-03_0001 2016-08-04_0015 2016-08-04_0001 2016-08-04_0003 2016-08-04_0013 2016-08-04_0020 2016-08-04_0019 2016-08-04_0012 2016-08-04_00212016-08-04_0010 2016-08-04_0014 2016-08-04_0018

Mayan Riviera Photographer – Secrets Maroma Beach

Mayan Riviera Photographer – Secrets Maroma Beach

Everyone’s been asking about seeing our wedding and honeymoon pictures. I’m probably doing this backwards by posting about our honeymoon first, but we just got back and I am still living it. I literally am having dreams every night about traveling and being in tropical places. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. I like to think I am now a Mayan Riviera Photographer 😛  This was by far the most enjoyable vacation I have ever been on.

Secrets Maroma Beach was one of the best weeks of my life. It’s a 5 star, all inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera just south of Cancun. On the Secrets website they say you will experience unlimited luxury, and it was exactly that. Whatever your hearts desire, they make it happen. The moment we walked onto the resort grounds they had champagne waiting for us. They made sure our glass was always full. 😉

Some of my favorite parts of the experience:

– Laughing with my husband. Of course my favorite part of the trip was being with my new husband! After a very long year it was exactly what we needed to let go and have fun.

– All the animals. There were beautiful little birds chirping all around us, little Mexican raccoons they called Coati’s, and iguanas everywhere. We even had one iguana that would come out everyday and sunbath on our patio. Zach named him Antonio!

– The Secrets box. This was living in luxury. There was a large box located near your door that opened into your room and also outside your room in the walkway. When you ordered room service your concierge would place your food in the box so as not to disturb you. Every morning they put our favorite breakfast items in our box at 7:00 on the dot!

– Bringing my camera. Scrolling through my photos, I keep reliving the moments over and over again. I can now officially call myself a Mayan Riviera Photographer!

– Meeting new people. Another one of my favorite parts was meeting our new British friends Kylie and Alex! What’s crazy is they are only 30 miles away from where Zach and I will be when we go to England this July! It is such a small world and we feel like it was almost destined that we meet each other.

A few days into the week Alex and Kylie shared with us that they just got engaged on the beach! Zach and I were of course so thrilled for them and I immediately offered to shoot their engagement session at the resort as a Mayan Riviera Photographer. So we all decided that we would get up at sunrise for the shoot. This was one of the best decisions I feel we made on the trip. I have never experienced a sunrise so beautiful in my life.

Take a look at all we captured together!

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Westin Portland Harborview Wedding

Westin Portland Harborview Wedding

I absolutely love winter weddings, and was so excited when Chrissy and Jesse contacted me to capture their big day. It was so enjoyable watching their wedding story unfold. We first met at Starbucks to get to know each other, and chatted about their hopes and dreams for their big day. They talked about the classic and timeless vision they had for their winter Westin Portland Harborview Wedding. From that moment on I knew we were going to be a great fit for each other.

I captured Chrissy and Jesse’s engagement photos in the city of Portland, Maine. Their personalities really came out when we were walking around and shooting. I quickly felt that their love for each other is effortless and deep. It’s clear that they’re a couple who’s love is rooted in their deep friendship with one another.

Chrissy and Jesse had their ceremony at the stunning Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on January 20th, 2017, and followed with a Westin Portland Harborview Wedding. I brought them out in the snow to Portland’s East End for some formal photos. Chrissy looked gorgeous in her sweetheart princess dress and L.L.Bean boots. Every piece of their wedding day was elegantly designed, and I am so glad to have been apart. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this day incredible!
– Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Jessica Candage Hair & Makeup Artistry
– Wedding
 Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter
– Bride’s Shoes: Louboutin
– Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Etsy
– Groom’s Suite: Men’s Wearhouse
– Wedding DJ: Double Platinum Celebrations
– Florist: Windham Flower Shop
– Cake: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott
– Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
– Save the Dates: Wedding Paper Divas
– Calligraphy: Heather Prejean
– Wedding Planner: Paige Bassano with The Westin in Portland
– Transportation: Maine Limousine Service

– Ceremony Programs: Ruth Kepron
Seamstress: Bette’s Bridal Stylings
Rings: Jared

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Best of Weddings 2016

Best of Weddings 2016

What a year 2016 was! It was filled with so much laughter and love. I put together some incredible styled shoots, captured 18 of my own weddings, shot my first elopement and first proposal, second shot with some photographers I really look up to, and took an amazing wedding workshop with one of my greatest mentors.

Taking a look back at all my weddings and clients from the year has literally brought tears to my eyes. I was reminded yet again of how lucky I am to be able to capture such real love and emotion in people’s lives. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to all of the couples who hire me and let me do this full time. I love being such a big part of so many people’s best memories. Here’s a recap of some of the big moments!

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Phoebe & Topher’s Portland Company Wedding

Phoebe & Topher’s Portland Company Wedding

Phoebe and Topher had such a unique and intimate wedding evening at The Portland Company. They’re both in media production themselves, so I knew their ideas and design would be one of a kind. They brought in personal touches throughout their whole day, like their french bulldog, Moose! Any wedding with a pup included wins me over. They even topped the night off with a quirky donut bar! Congratulations Phoebe and Topher, we loved capturing your wedding day!

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Port Clyde Marshall Point Lighthouse – Maine Engagement Session

Port Clyde Marshall Point Lighthouse – Maine Engagement Session

This past Monday I met Dory and Kenny at Dori’s aunt’s home on the coast of Port Clyde, Maine. Dori grew up traveling to Port Clyde ever year with her family, so every location we shot at brought many memories for her. I was so glad we were able to capture their moments in a place that meant something to them, and the rain even held off for us, making it the perfect fall day.

These sweethearts are both videography editors, so being like minded, they made my job so easy! Every location was carefully chosen and coordinated with their outfits. Dori’s stunning red hair beautifully complimented the fall foliage, and every other part of this evening was complete bliss.

You two perfectly compliment each other, and I loved getting to know you both more. I am so ecstatic to be shooting your wedding this coming August at Spruce Point Inn!

Makeup and Hair – Jessica Candage
Dori’s Dresses (in order below) – Revolve, Badgley Mischka Rent the Runway 
Kenny’s Suit – Hugo Boss – originally worn by John Krasinski on The Office!

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Rachel and Adam’s Salem Cross Inn Brookfield Massachusetts Wedding

Rachel and Adam’s Salem Cross Inn Brookfield Massachusetts Wedding

Rachel and Adam’s wedding was a beautiful fall dream. They chose the Salem Cross Inn for their wedding venue, and it was the perfect fit for their fun and cozy personalities. Rachel’s bridesmaids were dressed in shades of pink and periwinkle, while Rachel wore a stunning Sian Gown from BHLDN. Just look at the floral details! Their barn reception was filled with little twinkling lights, antique flatware, and lots of warm laughter. The best ending to my wedding season that I could have asked for. Zachary and I had a blast on their big day, and I am so thankful to have found friendship in them!


Bride’s belt: Olesiya Minder
Bride’s hair: Tiffany Hall
Bride’s makeup: Carly Mongeau
Bridesmaid hair and makeup: Tiffany Hall, Carly Mongeau, and Jennifer Jameson
Bride’s Dress: Sian Gown from BHLDN
Bride’s Shoes: Modcloth
Jewelry: JCrew, Banana Republic
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Davids Bridal, ASOS
Groom’s Suite: Banana Republic
Groom’s Shoes: Clarks
DJ:  Beat Train Productions – Spencer
Flowers: Ladyslipper Designs
Cake: Apple Pie from Salem Cross Inn
Invitations: Minted
Calligraphy & Save the Dates: the bride!
Others: JP- Jeff Pluta brother in law
Pumpkins: Houlden Farms

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Ariel & Dan’s Dunegrass Country Club – Old Orchard Beach Wedding Reception

Ariel and Dan Peacock had their wedding reception at Old Orchard Beach’s Dunegrass Country Club. They incorporated some fun teal and blue hues, as well as peacock feathers to tie in with their last name. Dan and Ariel’s friends and family all attended their celebration and had nothing but beautiful things to say about them. I loved getting to know these two a little bit more during this special day and am so happy that they found each other! Congrats you two.

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Ashley & Matt’s Sebago Lake Maine Wedding

Ashley & Matt’s Sebago Lake Maine Wedding

I had the honor of capturing Ashley and Matt’s special day on Sebago Lake in Casco Maine. Every part of their wedding was filled with so many emotions. Watching the joy on their faces and love for each other was a beautiful thing. Their wedding party made for a really fun evening, and pieces of their day even felt a little bit like a destination wedding! Ashley and Matt, congratulations to the two of you. I can see from the love of your family and friends that you both are such kind and loving people. Thank you for making me feel like family and letting me capture your best day!

2016-09-28_0003 2016-09-28_00012016-09-28_0007 2016-09-28_0006 2016-09-28_0004 2016-09-28_00052016-09-28_00082016-09-28_0009 2016-09-28_0010 2016-09-28_00112016-09-28_00132016-09-28_0012 2016-09-28_00142016-09-28_0015 2016-09-28_00162016-09-28_0002 2016-09-28_00172016-09-18_0001 2016-09-28_0018 2016-09-28_00192016-09-28_0020 2016-09-28_0021 2016-09-28_0022 2016-09-28_0024 2016-09-28_0025

Kelly & Shane’s Classic Dell-Lea NH Wedding

Kelly & Shane’s Classic Dell-Lea NH Wedding

Kelly and Shane’s wedding day was a rustic-chic dream with a touch of romance. I had been looking forward to this day ever since they got engaged! Kelly and Shane got married at Kelly’s church in NH, and held their reception at The Dell-Lea Country Club in Chichester, NH. Kelly’s choice of dusty blue’s and grey colors matched all her greenery so elegantly. They put thoughtful touches of decoration throughout their whole day; every detail reflecting their personalities. Kelly being one of my very close friends made the day so special to me. I’m so thankful I was able to be such a big part of their day! Even up until Kelly walked down the aisle she was still giving and loving others. Kelly and Shane have big hearts, and I loved the opportunity to get know their families – the ones who have set the example of this love in their lives. Congratulations to the both of you, you did it!

Vendors –
Bride’s Hair: DeAvawna Stokes
Bride’s Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter
Bride’s Shoes: Michael Khors
Jewelry: D.Cole Jewelers
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Davids Bridal
Groom’s Suite: Mens Warehouse
Reception DJ: Dave Winsor
Flowers: Cynthia Bailey
Cake: Jacques Pastries
Catering: Dell- Lea Country Club
Wedding Planner: Coordinator : Cynthia Bailey

2016-09-21_00022016-09-21_0003 2016-09-21_0001 2016-09-21_00042016-09-21_00052016-09-21_00072016-09-21_0006 2016-09-21_00082016-09-21_00092016-09-21_0010 2016-09-21_00112016-09-21_0015 2016-09-21_00162016-09-21_0027 2016-09-21_00282016-09-21_00192016-09-21_00202016-09-21_00232016-09-21_00222016-09-21_00352016-09-21_00212016-09-21_00292016-09-21_00252016-09-21_00312016-09-21_00262016-09-21_00342016-09-21_0030 2016-09-21_0032 2016-09-21_0033